According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), keeping a clean jobsite is not only beneficial, it is critical to any construction project. OSHA’s Safety and Health Regulations for Construction clearly state:

During the course of construction, alteration, or repairs, form and scrap lumber with protruding nails, and all other debris, shall be kept cleared from work areas, passageways, and stairs, in and around buildings or other structures.
Combustible scrap and debris shall be removed at regular intervals during the course of construction. Safe means shall be provided to facilitate such removal.
Containers shall be provided for the collection and separation of waste, trash, oily and used rags, and other refuse. Containers used for garbage and other oily, flammable, or hazardous wastes, such as caustics, acids, harmful dusts, etc. shall be equipped with covers. Garbage and other waste shall be disposed of at frequent and regular intervals.

So, it’s clear: Keeping your home clean during construction is the law.

But that’s not why we do it.

We do it because we care about the people living in your home. At McBride Custom Homes, our Northern Michigan construction clients mean the world to us. We use zip walls, floor protection and HEPA filters to help keep them safe and happy with their new house or their home renovation.