What is dust protection?

Dust protection is the process of implementing barriers to section off the area of the home that is under construction. It is putting measures in place to prevent the home from getting “dusted out”. 

Why is dust protection important?

It may take some preparation and extra time on the jobsite but having good secure dust protection is the best way to protect your home during construction. Ensuring the company that you are working with utilizes effective dust protection is a great place to start. When your project is finished you want to enjoy every part of it, not have to wipe surfaces down everyday as leftover dust is stirred up during day to day activities.

Who is responsible for dust protection in construction and remodeling?

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide adequate dust protection measures. Be sure to discuss dust protection measures with your contractor before the remodeling or construction process begins.They should provide specialized equipment and expertise to ensure that your home is protected from dust and other hazards.

What are some different kinds of dust protection?

-HEPA Filter

-Zip or Magnet Wall

- Floor Covering

-Plastic Protection