Deciding to build a new home or remodel your existing one is a big undertaking. Hiring a general contractor can ease construction headaches and allow for a quicker and less stressful process. Here are the top three reasons to hire a general contractor for your next build or remodel.

  1. Connections to sub-trades

    Now more than ever, we are seeing subcontractors with more work than they know what to do with. This results in very long wait times, and that is if they are even filling their schedule that far out. When working with a general contractor, they will have relationships with the subcontractors to get you on their schedule much sooner than if you were to try to call yourself. Not to say there won't be a wait and process to go through initially with your contractor, but once your project starts, you won't have to pause because everything will be scheduled and planned in advance.
  1. Help you stay on budget.

    A huge benefit of hiring a general contractor is that in the initial planning of your project, your budget will be laid out for you. This involves more participation from you on the front end of picking everything out for your home, but then you and your builder will know exactly where you are price-wise. Then, they can lock everything in and help you stay within the budget initially planned for.
  1. Be your one-stop shop.

    Good general contractors will stay with you for life. A relationship with a company that knows your house inside and out is essential. They can tell you when things need to be done to fix something or help you take preventative measures to ensure your house emergencies are few and far between. Having a company you trust will give you peace of mind.

Ultimately, hiring a general contractor will save you time, money, and stress. Building and remodeling should be an exciting experience; hiring a general contractor will make that happen.