Deciding what is best for you

After deciding that you want to own a home in Northern Michigan, then lies the question, should I build a new home or should I remodel? Both have their benefits and can offer you different things as a homeowner.

Benefits of Remodeling

If you already have a home or have inherited it and you love its location, this is where remodeling comes in perfectly. You can adapt and change the home to fit your current wants and needs. You will be amazed at the kinds of transformations a remodel can offer. A remodel can offer better optimization of space and make it seem like a whole new home. It also allows you to add unique features that you were missing with how the house was previously laid out.

Homes in Northern Michigan often offer a lot of historical charm. Remodeling a home with history will allow you to keep the memories that were made in that space while giving the home a fresh look and some new features.

Benefits of Building New

The most obvious benefit of building a new home is just that; it's brand new! You can add exactly what you want without having to work around a lot of obstacles. New homes can be right on top of all the latest trends and fit your style. They also are built with better technology, including lights and security. With this, it is also easier to bring in technology to make your home energy efficient as well.

It allows for you to choose the location and neighborhood that suits you and your family. Overall, building a new home provides a sense of pride and satisfaction in creating a personalized living space that meets all your needs.


The most important part is weighing the pros and cons of what is right for you and your family. Different factors of each will make your project make sense for you. Each project will involve lots of dedication and decision making but will create a lifetime of memories and build a place for those memories to last.