For us the onset of fall means a lot more than pulling out the winter jackets and going to look at the colorful leaves for the McBride Custom Homes team. This season change means fall closing for our clients vacation homes. Homes need a lot of maintenance especially in the fall and McBride Property Management can be there to take care of that for you. The biggest thing that our Property Management team suggests is preventative maintenance inspections. With each of our plans, clients receive preventive maintenance inspections throughout the property management season (September-May). Below are some of the most important things that happen during these inspections.

  • Gutters Cleaned

All the pretty fall leaves can do some serious damage to your gutters if not properly cleaned out after they have fallen. Our team has connections for some of the best professionals in the area and will schedule this service to be performed.

  • Security System Check

It never hurts to double check to ensure that your security system is up and running. Our team will check the security system every time they do a Maintenance Inspection.

  • Water is Shut Off and Run Out

For homes that are fully shut down for the winter the water can be shut off and run out. This will allow for peace of mind through the winter because homeowners will not have to worry about pipes freezing and bursting.

  • Roll Curtains Put Up

To protect windows and doors from the Northern Michigan elements roll curtains can be installed during the fall and then will be taken down and stored in the spring.

  • Windows Locked

It is a simple thing that many homeowners forget to do when they leave but our team makes sure that every window is closed and locked during their inspections.

  • Thermostat Checked

Making sure that the thermostat is turned down to a temperature to prevent pipes from freezing but still be energy saving.

  • Homeowner Checklist Is Completed

Along with everything above that is listed homeowners may make “Fall Closing Checklists” for our team to make sure they get completed.

Skip the overwhelming feelings of closing your Northern Michigan home for the winter and call McBride Custom Homes. Our team will ensure all of these things and more are completed so that you can have peace of mind all winter that your home was properly prepared and it being watched over by McBride Property Management.